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Oisterwijk’s Forests & Fens

We had a great time walking at Oisterwijk’s Forests & Fens. This place gave us such a feeling of peace and harmony in nature.

A little info picked from Wikipedia

The Oisterwijk forests and fens are centrally located in Brabant, a short distance from Tilburg and not far from ‘s Hertogenbosch or Eindhoven. The area is one of the best-known hiking areas in this province. To the east, it (almost) joins the Kampina, also owned by Natuurmonumenten. To the west, the area joins the area ” Oude Hondsberg, Ter Braakloop en Galgeven ” (374 ha) which is owned by the Brabant Landscape . Together, these areas are part of ” Het Groene Woud “, a chain of large nature reserves in the middle of Brabant, approximately from Tilburg to Schijndel.

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