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Thanks to Ida Sang Hyang Widhi, we are finally able to release our newest drone video about the natural beauty of North Bali or Buleleng. As a native-born in Buleleng, the admin feels proud to be able to release this drone video.

Maybe this drone video is still far from perfect due to time and places limitations. We have not been able to fully display all the beautiful places that stretch from east to west. But at least you can still see the natural beauty of North Bali, from its black sand beaches, waterfalls, hills, and rice fields. North Bali is still interesting to visit in Bali.

Hopefully, this video is useful for you and it can also introduce Buleleng to a wider range.

Maybe next time we will show further and complete the beautiful places in North Bali. So stay tuned for our next adventures.😇

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